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Pro Vinyl Siding Installers is a nationwide vinyl siding supply and installation company. We have certified vinyl siding contractors across the nation that can assist you. Call us today for a free quote and to schedule an appointment. We stock a wide variety of vinyl siding so that you can choose the right color and design that is appropriate for your home.

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In the vinyl siding industry, Pro Vinyl Siding Installers are the experts you can trust. We make it more than a goal to provide our customers with the best service and vinyl siding product possible. We at Pro Vinyl Siding Installers make this our passion. When it comes to searching for a vinyl siding company and vinyl siding contractors, there is nowhere better to go for vinyl siding services than Pro Vinyl Siding Installers.

Vinyl siding is a great investment for your home. Contrary to what many are aware of, vinyl siding is the most cost efficient solution for your home. Vinyl siding is comparatively cheap when you are first looking to invest into siding for your home. Furthermore, vinyl siding is actually even cheaper in the long run when you consider maintenance fees and other costs involved with alternative siding products. Even in the cases your vinyl siding is damaged and you do not have warranty, you can still repair or replace the vinyl siding at an affordable cost.

Even when you compare vinyl siding to other popular siding materials such as wood you will save considerable amounts. Wood siding is pricier upfront and is much more susceptible to weathering and other damaging conditions such as becoming termite infested. What is even scarier is the thought of termites spreading from your wood siding into the rest of your home, even into your furniture. Regardless of which siding material you research into you will find that vinyl siding is the best choice for your home.

Vinyl siding is also extremely energy efficient. Many home owners will install windows, doors, interior insulation, and even light builds to ensure their home is energy efficient. However, when it comes to energy efficiency, you need to make sure that the entire exterior of your home is protected to ensure maximum energy efficiency.
Another advantage of vinyl siding is the look that it achieves for your home. Vinyl siding can come in many different designs and colors, which means it can match the look you are trying to achieve. Vinyl siding definitely can help to make your home beautiful. Since vinyl siding lasts such a long time, you can also be sure that this beauty will be consistent for years to come!

And when you reach the conclusion that vinyl siding is the best option for your home you are then at the decision point of choosing which company to let handle your vinyl siding needs. At this point regardless of the research you do, you will arrive at the conclusion that Pro Vinyl Siding Installers is best for you. We have a wider variety of colors for your vinyl siding than anyone else in the industry.

Furthermore we have a specially innovated vinyl siding formula that allows our vinyl siding to last longer than any of our competition with even more resistance to weathering and temperature variance. To further solidify our place as the industry leader we supply our quality vinyl siding in a wide assortment of colors to choose from so that our vinyl siding product can match any color scheme you wish to create for your house. When you get down to even the smallest detail you will find that Pro Vinyl Siding Installers is the best in the industry.

What is vinyl siding?

Vinyl siding was developed and introduced to the housing market in the 1950s as an alternative to aluminum siding. Vinyl siding is created in two layers. The top layer is called the capstock and the bottom layer is called the substrate. These layers consist primarily of polyvinyl chloride and resin. The top layer contains titanium dioxide for both the coloration and to help protect against UV light damage. The second layer contains limestone in addition to the polyvinyl chloride and resin to help the manufacturing process and decrease costs. Vinyl siding is the most popular siding option in the United States and comes in a variety of designs and colors to cosmetically match your house and other attributes on a property.

My vinyl siding is warping. What caused this?

Vinyl siding warping can be directly linked to improper installation. When vinyl siding is installed, you are supposed to leave a ½ inch at both ends for it to move when the material expands and contracts from temperature variance. Neglecting to do this will leave the material with no room to expand and as a result it will warp.

Can improper installation of my vinyl siding lead to moisture damage?

Yes it can. When your vinyl siding is installed there is supposed to be an airtight seal below the surface of the vinyl siding to prevent moisture from getting below the home. Improperly installing this or neglecting to do so can lead to moisture damage.

Why is there mold and algae on my siding?

Mold and algae appearing on your vinyl siding is an oversight many installers make. The development of mold and algae is a result of no direct sunlight on the vinyl siding and can be avoided by eliminating excess shade blocking sunlight from your vinyl siding.

My vinyl siding makes a banging sound during windy situations. How can I avoid this?

Vinyl siding when not properly installed, securely and tightly, onto the home can get caught in the wind and bang on the side of the house. This can also cause damage to the vinyl siding and such should be fixed as soon as possible. Give our vinyl siding contractors a call and we can help you!

Are you certified for vinyl siding installation?

All of our employees involved in the vinyl siding installation process have undergone certification processes and have their certifications renewed before they expire. We only have the best knowledgeable employees working with us.

Is vinyl siding durable and weather resistant?

Vinyl siding is manufactured to last a very long time, in fact, warranties on vinyl siding can last anywhere from 20 to 40 years and in some cases can even last up to a lifetime. Vinyl siding is resistance to temperatures, moisture, and can withstand winds up to 110 miles per house.

What are the costs involved in vinyl siding? Are they competitive with other siding options?

Vinyl siding is the most affordable siding option on the market by far. Vinyl siding is cheap to install compared to other options and is much more manageable to install. The process is much faster when you compare vinyl siding to wood siding or any other option.

Furthermore, vinyl siding does not require painting, as the siding is already colored and designed when you buy it, saving the costs of painting or any special design requirements. Finally, consider that when you remodel your home you can reuse vinyl siding and as such will recoup about 80 percent of the cost thus increasing the value over time.